Master of Urban Practice

The Master of Urban Practice (MUP) will be a two-year, interdisciplinary, full-time degree programme at the proposed IIHS IOE. It will be open to learners from any graduate discipline training, to ensure an entering class that is disciplinary-diverse. Year-1 of the proposed MUP will be defined by its Commons, where learners study four required year-long courses that will lay the foundation for interdisciplinary learning and provide a firm grounding in Indian and Global South realities. The layers are:


  • Contemporary India where learners are rooted in the political economy of India’s governance, social and development frames
  • Settlements and Environment where learners begin to assess urban form, infrastructure and urban systems
  • Economy and Management where learners see the settlements as economic geographies
  • Integrated Commons Practica where learners are rooted in neighbourhoods across the city to apply what they have learnt in the theory layers and test it continuously against what they see in real life in our cities
Master of Urban Practice

In Year-2, learners will move to advanced and elective theory and practica courses in particular Concentrations.