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The book explores co-designing urban spaces through activism, innovation, and governance, in the Global South.

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The conference explored city flux with responsive, value-driven practices across diverse themes and sectors.


Co-Designing Publics: Radical Democracy and Transformative Urbanisms with Anseem Inam on 18 April 2024, 5 pm IST

5 September 2022

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Shaping Urban Futures

Launched on Coursera, this new online course is a collaborative effort of five global institutions including IIHS. Designed as a self-paced, 6-week course, it addresses the most pressing challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century by considering how cities can become sustainable.

19 July 2022

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The Art and Science of Economic Policy

IIHS, in collaboration with Coursera, has launched its latest digital blended learning programme. The 5-week self-paced course helps learners understand the why, when, what and how of economic policymaking through a combination of concepts and ideas, cases and examples and thought-provoking discussion questions.


Nirwan, from the IIHS Geospatial Lab, was part of a recent study on ‘Determining hotspots of gaseous criteria air pollutants in Delhi airshed and its association with stubble burning’, which was published in


There is a growing interest in thinking about, and practicing from cities of the Global South, rather than just learning about them.


Are you a researcher looking to disseminate your work broadly? In this month's #fromtheiihsarchives series, we introduce @iihsin's online course 'Writing and Disseminating Grey Literature'. Expand your research impact with this self-paced @coursera course.


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