The Hungry Cities Project
A collaborative international study on informal food enterprises
Anubhava@IIHS Urban Fellows Programme 2021-22 Interdisciplinary Learning


Introducing Raj-era 1920s of Bangalore, this mystery novel illuminates a time and place in fiction.

Knowledge Gateway

This is an anthology of visual narratives of disaster impacts and the process of recovery that follows.

City Scripts | Book Launch

Authors Neethi P and Anant Kamath in conversation with Madhu Bhushan and Shakun Mohini

19 July 2022

New course launch

The Art and Science of Economic Policy

IIHS, in collaboration with Coursera, has launched its latest digital blended learning programme. The 5-week self-paced course helps learners understand the why, when, what and how of economic policymaking through a combination of concepts and ideas, cases and examples and thought-provoking discussion questions.

1 Jul to 30 Sep 2022

Library Exhibition on

What’s on your Plate: The Infrastructure of Eating in Cities

What we eat in cities and how that food reaches our tables depends on multiple, complex systems of infrastructure.

19 August 2021

Housing Justice: A View from Indian Cities

IIHS, in collaboration with Coursera, has designed the online course ‘Housing Justice: A View from Indian Cities’. The five module, self-paced course introduces learners to different approaches to housing justice, bringing together material, ecological, social and spatial approaches to housing.

19 August 2021

Course on Writing and Disseminating

Grey Literature

IIHS, in collaboration with Coursera, has released a six week, self-paced online course ‘Writing and Disseminating Grey Literature’. It is designed to help researchers, academics and development sector professionals reach their research work to a wider audience. It takes learners through the process of writing opinion pieces, data stories, photo essays and creating infographics.



Call for Papers

Urbanisation is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish comparative and collaborative scholarship illuminating the global urban condition beginning with a firm footprint in the Global South. Anchored by IIHS, Urbanisation is published biannually by SAGE Publications India.


New work from teams at @iihsin on relief measures by non-state actors (unions, worker orgs, civil society orgs, mutual aid networks, citizen platforms, individuals) in India during #COVID19 and the lessons to re-think social protection.

Full text: https://bit.ly/3SZqVLV [...]

Happening now #ATREE25: Dr. Chandni Singh, @iihsin, speaks about precarity in farmscapes caused by climate risks, market shocks, changing aspirations, and shifting norms on using communal resources.
Watch it here - https://www.youtube.com/user/ATREEBangalore

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