This book examines the land question in neoliberal India based on a cohesive framework.

Urbanisation Journal

Urbanisation journal is a platform that brings together interdisciplinary scholarship on the urban

Film Screening

Mod Bhaang is a participatory documentation of the small-scale creek fishermen in Mirya village.

August 2020 – May 2021

The Urban Fellows Programme (UFP) | 2020-21

India’s urban transition is unprecedented in scale and complexity. Within it lie both the opportunities of increased economic growth and employment as well as the challenges of persistent inequality, extreme deprivation and environmental degradation. Be a part of shaping this transition.

Call for Fellows

IIHS Post-Doctoral Programme

IIHS is seeking Post-Doctoral Fellows to join its vibrant intellectual environment within the Academics and Research programme at IIHS.


[Today's Event]: Join us this evening at 6 Zoom or #IIHSin Facebook for #Publics with Anant Kamath and @sosurie as they unpack Anant's latest book:

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Addressing challenges of #ClimateChange needs global action & active engagement of the youth. Participate in #SolarDecathlonIndia, a national youth engagement competition focused on creating climate change solutions, upskilling young professionals & delivering Net-Zero Buildings.

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