SDGs Workshops

IIHS partners with Ericsson to drive awareness on Sustainable Development Goals in India

IIHS partnered with Ericsson Global Services to launch a unique initiative to drive awareness regarding United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project involved school and college students, ran across India and was designed to create awareness through online learning modules, workshops, field events, and other engagements to contribute towards the implementation of the SDGs, by 2030.


The initiative identified the need for a structured introduction to the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework tailored to the needs of school and early-college students in India, who will be expected to contribute to and lead the charge towards achieving these goals for the planet. With the focus on sustainability, the initiative helped address the pedagogical needs of schools in this sphere and involved teachers as well so that they can integrate SDGs within their school curriculum more effectively and sustain the purpose and impact of these workshops.


According to IIHS Director Aromar Revi, “We have about 4,000 days to implement the SDGs across the world, so that no one is left behind. India, and especially its cities and towns, will be pivotal in this implementation, as China was to the MDGs in the 2000s. Through this partnership with Ericsson, we hope to light the spark, that will enable hundreds of millions of young Indians to participate in the end of poverty and social and economic transformations that are struggling to take coherent shape in India”.


Amitabh Ray, MD of Ericsson Global Services, added “It is extremely important for us to educate the children today on the importance of SDGs so that they continue to engage within their schools, homes, and local communities and drive the SDG agenda going forward.”


The workshops were conducted by subject matter experts from IIHS and introduced participants to research and practice-based solutions to challenges in sustainability, climate change, health and nutrition, poverty, and innovation.


The first of the series of six workshops were held at the IIHS Bengaluru City Campus on Saturday, 2 March 2019.


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