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The following represent institutional reports, working papers and publications published by IIHS. For additional publications by IIHS faculty, please see their individual profiles Books

IIHS working paper series

  • Amlanjyoti Goswami (2011) Land acquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement: law and politics
  • Gautam Bhan (2012) Is Urban Planning Relevant in Indian Cities?
  • Gautam Bhan and Swathi Shivanand (2012) (Un)Settling the City: Analyzing Displacement in Delhi from 1990-2007
  • Kavita Wankhade and Krishnachandran Balakrishnan (2011) Land, infrastructure and ecological sustainability in Indian cities
  • Neha Sami (2011) The political economy of urban land in India : Key issues
  • Pritika Hingorani (2011) Housing Solutions: A Review of Models
  • Pritika Hingorani (2011) Revisiting low income housing : A review of policies and perspectives

Selected IIHS Core Team Publications

  • Bhan, G (2013) Planned Illegalities: Housing and the ‘Failure’ of Planning in Delhi 1947-2010. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XLVII (24).
  • Bhan, G (2009) Evictions, the urban poor, and the right to the city in millennial Delhi, in Environment & Urbanisation, Vol 29 (1).
  • Bhan, G and Menon-Sen, K (2008) Swept off the Map: Surviving Eviction and Resettlement in New Delhi (Yoda Press: New Delhi) *Hindi Edition (2009) Nakshe se Bahar: Dilli main Visthapan ke Baad Zindagi
  • Bhan, G., Bhandari, N., Taneja, S., Mazumder, S., and Bahl, R. (2005) The Effect of Maternal Education on Gender Bias in Care-seeking for Common Childhood Illnesses, in Social Science and Medicine, Vol. 60 (5), p. 715-724.
  • Bhan, G. and Narrain, A [2012 (2005)] Because I Have a Voice: Queer Politics in India (Yoda Press: New Delhi)
  • Jana, A and Bhan, G (2013) Of Slums or Poverty. Economic and Political Weekly XLVIII(18)
  • Jain, G., Jigyasu, R., and Pahwa-Gajjar, S (2013) Poverty and Vulnerability Reduction, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation with a Human Development Focus. IIHS-UNDP: Delhi and Bangalore.
  •  Balakrishnan, K. , Kondolf, G.M., Mozingo, L., Marzion, R., (2011). Connecting Cairo to the Nile: Renewing life and heritage on the river. Institute for Urban and Regional Development Working Paper No. WP-2011-06. University of California, Berkeley.
  •  Pahwa-Gajjar, S. Building Climate Resilience in Poor African Households,. Perspectives. Heinrich Böll Stiftung: forthcoming.
  • Pahwa-Gajjar (2012) Delhi Post-Comonwealth Games: ‘World City’ or Urban Fiasco? UNEP City Guides.
  • Pahwa, Gajjar, S, Brent A and Van Heyningen, P (2012) “Business Sector,” in Swilling, M (ed) Sustainable Stellenbosch. Sustainability Institute: Stellenbosch.
  • Revi, A. and Patel, S (Eds.) (2010) Recovering from Earthquakes: Response, Reconstruction and Impact Mitigation in India. Rutledge: New Delhi and London.
  •  Revi, A. and Mukhopahdyay, P (2009) Keeping India’s Economic Engine Going: Climate Change and the Urbanisation Question. Economic and Political Weekly. Vol XLIV, No 31, pp 59-70
  •  Revi, A. (2008) Climate Change: an adaptation and mitigation agenda for Indian Cities. Environment & Urbanisation Vol 20, Issue 1
  • Revi, A (2005) Lessons from the Deluge: Priorities for multi-hazard risk mitigation in Mumbai. Economic and Political Weekly,. Vol XL No. 36, September 3-9, pp 3911­3916.
  • Revi, A. et. al. (2007) “Housing – Public Policy Priorities” in Sengupta, N (Ed.) Economic Studies of Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge, Academic Foundation. New Delhi.
  •  Sami, N. (2013) From Farming to Development: Urban Coalitions in Pune, India. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 37, 151-164.
  • Sami, N and Loh, C. G. (2013). Death of a planning department: Challenges for regionalism in a weak mandate state. Land Use Policy, 32 (0), 39-49.
  •  Sami, N. (2013) “Power to the people?: A study of Bangalore’s urban task forces. In Shatkin, G. (Ed.) Contesting the Indian city: Global visions and the politics of the local. Wiley-Blackwell: London.
  • Sami, N. , Weinstein, L., & Shatkin, G. “Contested Developments: Enduring Legacies and Emergent Political Actors in Contemporary Urban India.” In: Shatkin, G. (ed.) Contesting the Indian city: Global visions and the politics of the local. Forthcoming.
  •  Wankhade, K. and Balakrishnan, K. (2010). Sustainable Settlements Design: Innovations in curriculum,Sustainability in Design: Now! Proceedings of the LeNS Conference 2010,  Vol.2: 832-839