Most faculty members at IIHS have graduated from leading Indian and international universities including the Ivy Leagues, and have been educated in more than one discipline, which enables stronger interdisciplinary thinking and problem-solving—a trait that is crucial to teaching-learning. The team at IIHS brims with new ideas, energy, and the passion to work across programmes, domains and disciplines to arrive at comprehensive understanding and innovative solutions to urban issues.


IIHS values strong educational backgrounds; interdisciplinary capability with multi-disciplinary experience; multi-sectoral character including academia and work experience at private, public and non-profit organisations; and diversity on multiple dimensions including gender, language and geographical backgrounds.


IIHS also hosts visiting faculty, external advisors and consultants who are subject matter experts and practitioners to support and enrich its programmes. Further, Postdoctoral Fellows who have recently completed their PhDs and selected into the Postdoctoral Programme lend value to the Research and Practice Programmes.


The culture at IIHS is inclusive, open, diverse and safe. It values integrity, honesty, and transparency of word and deed; is open, heterodox and inclusive, welcomes diversity and talent from all segments of society; treats people with dignity and respect; encourages reflexiveness and independent thinking, empowers individuals and encourages collaborative work. This culture is also reflected in the sectoral diversity of the faculty and staff pool, which comes not just from the academic field, but also from the private sector, government and public sector, as well as civil society. Women, who comprise 49% of the faculty and staff pool, are represented at all levels of leadership in the institution. Faculty and staff at IIHS have lived, studied and worked at diverse locations in cities and regions across the world. With this geographical exposure comes a greater understanding and ability to work with cultural diversity, leading to an open-minded and inclusive institutional culture.


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