Capacity Development Forum (CDF)

The IIHS Urban Practitioners’ Programme has been driving urban transformation in India through diverse capacity development projects and programmes at the state and national levels across a range of sectors, working with various national and state institutions and development agencies, and partnering with other capacity development and consulting and training institutions and experts.


Through the Capacity Development Forum (CDF), IIHS aims to bring together the diverse stakeholders involved in the capacity development arena into a strong and value-added network to consolidate learnings across the country and from around the world. The longer term objective of the forum is to collaborate not only for making our Capacity Development practices better, but also to build and manage knowledge through research papers and action research projects, and create a repository of knowledge on Capacity Development.

  • How can we learn from each other and improve our own approaches and processes?
  • How can we come together and work together to develop integrated and consistent ways of enhancing the effectiveness of capacity development programmes?
  • How can we develop and manage knowledge about capacity development, and thus enhance our capacity in capacity development?

Capacity Development Forum 2023

CDF 2023 focussed on the enabling ecosystem and policy environment for capacity development, and examined the approaches and trends in reimagining mandates, structures and institutional arrangements that have shaped development initiatives. The panels brought together important stakeholders from the intersection of various scales, sectors and components of CD to discuss how an enabling environment can address critical challenges, and support innovations for a full cycle approach to capacity building in the development sector.

Capacity Development Forum 2021

The first convening of the CDF, held virtually across 8 – 9 December 2021, focussed on the capacity development of urban practitioners at an individual scale, across different sectors of the Urban. Conversations were grounded in the context of the ongoing pandemic, and its impact on Capacity Development (CD) programmes – how this impacted the shift to online modes of delivery, choice of pedagogical tools and technological solutions, and the overall outlook for future CD practice.