School of Environment and Sustainability

The IIHS School of Environment and Sustainability (SES) examines and answers questions around sustainable development and the environment, ecological restoration and nature-based solutions and adapting to climate change impacts and risks, focusing on human settlements and socio-ecological systems across a continuum from semi-natural ecosystems to mega-cities in India and the Global South.


SES is developing innovative, evidence-based solutions to significant environmental and climatic changes, socio-economic and cultural transitions in these geographies, linked to multi-scalar adaptive governance and urban transformations.


SES is building an interdisciplinary platform for research, teaching and practice to create and disseminate knowledge to enable development pathways that balance environmental sustainability and climate change concerns with equity, social justice and inclusive economic development.



Climate Change – Research and Practice

Urban Ecology and Biodiversity

IIHS Long-Term Urban Ecological Observatory (LTUEO)

Sustainability Science and Practice

Environmental Governance

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