School of Human Development

The School of Human Development at IIHS focuses on social transformation. The School understands social transformation as a set of processes that are rooted in and seek to directly address:
(a) inequality in social status and substantive rights based on identity;
(b) the absence of material and economic dignity for the urban majority; and
(c) inequities in political presence, recognition and participation.


Within the degree programmes of the proposed IIHS IOE, the School will be the primary location for the Concentration in Human Development. It will also be linked to Concentrations in Land and Housing, Policy and Governance, Economic Development, and Systems and Infrastructure across other proposed IIHS IOE Schools.

Key focus areas

Decent Work

Social Inequality

Social Protection



Community Mobilisation and Activism

Urban Health





Capacity Building

Affordable Urban Housing: The UPP conducts courses and workshops on affordable housing and slum development for diverse stakeholders. These capacity building interventions aim to familiarise participants with key questions around land, tenure, community participation, finance and technology, and aim to enable a dialogue between concerned stakeholders in order to achieve the desired outcome of adequate and affordable housing for all. These courses are conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (apex agency for the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana — PMAY), GoI, the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) and state institutes such as the State Institute for Urban Development, ATI Mysuru. These capacity building initiatives have expanded to policy advisory roles, with the IIHS helping the Government of Karnataka formulate the Karnataka Affordable Housing Policy 2016 and the Karnataka Slum Areas Development Policy 2016.


Urban Public Health: IIHS has a growing body of research and practice work around urban public health, with a focus on vulnerable households, the urban poor and public healthcare infrastructure. UPP delivers these courses from a system thinking perspective to enable shifts in paradigms of thinking around disease burdens and public health outcomes.