Bachelor of Urban Practice

The Bachelor of Urban Practice (BUP) is designed as a four-year, full-time graduate programme that will admit learners from all 10+2 concentrations in the Indian secondary schooling system. As the first degree of all learners, it is structured a little differently from the MUP.


As part of its Commons, the BUP takes learners through a set of courses that both satisfy the breadth of its four layers (Contemporary India; Settlements and Environments; Economy and Management as well as the Commons Practica) and gives learners core disciplinary vocabularies in the social, spatial, natural and economic sciences and training in key qualitative, quantitative, analytical and spatial methods. The Commons are spread across Year-1 and Year-2 of the BUP.


In Year-3 and Year-4, learners will move on to the same set of thematic Concentrations as the MUP. They will take elective courses shaping a Major and Minor Concentration that are scaled to fit graduate level teaching, while retaining their interdisciplinarity. All learners do so with an option to fulfil the core requirements of a disciplinary BA in a traditional university in, for example, sociology. This is to ensure equivalence for BUP graduates, should they choose to enter other disciplinary post-graduate degree programmes, and that learners have an opportunity to have disciplinary depth should they seek it.


The BUP programme is expected to commence in 2023.

Bachelor of Urban Practice

The BUP can also be combined with an additional year of study to convert it into an Integrated Master of Urban Practice (IMUP). The IMUP is thus a five-year programme. Like the BUP, it will take learners from all 10+2 concentrations in the Indian higher education system, regardless of specialisation, within secondary schooling or the language of instruction.


A learner will be able to apply directly to the IMUP at the time of admission, or opt for it after the second year of their BUP. In either case, IMUP admissions will require candidates to show sufficient evidence that they are capable of integrating graduate and post-graduate work into a single extended degree programme. The first two years of the IMUP are identical to those under BUP, i.e., the same set of Commons are evenly spread across these two years. In Year-3, IMUP learners choose their Major and Minor Concentrations from among the same thematic concentrations as the MUP but continue to take BUP level courses. In Year-4, they take a mix of BUP and MUP level courses in the same Concentrations. In Year-5, they take only MUP level courses. Concentrations cannot change from the BUP level courses to the MUP level courses in an IMUP programme.


The IMUP programme is expected to commence in 2025.