Regenerative Agriculture Augments Bacterial Community Structure for a Healthier Soil and Agriculture

Indira Singh, Meeran Hussain, G. Manjunath, Nagasuma Chandra, G. Ravikanth

Facing Caste: Engaging with the Privileged

Sujata Noronha, Beena Choksi

Voices from the Margins: Exploring Possibilities of Connecting Formal Education to the Funds of Knowledge owned by Adivasi Communities in the Kesla Block of Madhya Pradesh

Aisha Kawalkar, Himanshu Srivastava, Ruchi Shevade

‘There is a Bee in my Balcony’: A Guide to Growing Food Anywhere You Live Using Illustrated Narratives of Diverse Urban Farms

Deborah Dutta, Amrita Hazra

Looking Inward, Looking Forward: Articulating Alternatives to the Education System for Adivasis, by Adivasis

Chinmayi Jayakumar, Payain Gangadharan, Suganya Sankaran

Theatre and Art in Education for Young Women with a Focus on Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques and Embodied Therapeutic Practices

Arundathi Vishwanath

No Space for Some Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Gender Non-Binary Persons’ Access to Science Higher Education in India

Sayantan Datta, Debomita Mukherjee, Prajwal Gaikwad, Shreya Sridhar, Riya Parekh