Representing Disasters and Long-term Recovery – Insights from Tamil Nadu

Chandni Singh, Mark Tebboth, Jasmitha Arvind, Yashodara Udupa


Garima Jain, Allan Lavell, Cassidy Johnson

A Risk Assessment Framework for Decision Making that Transcends Economic Valuation: Understanding Why People Choose to Stay in Disaster-Risk Prone Areas

Shuaib Lwasa, Amir Bazaz, Garima Jain

Risk as a Subjective Concept and its Influence on Decision-Making

Cassidy Johnson, Garima Jain, Vineetha Nalla, José Delfín Cáceres-Martínez

How do Relocation Decisions and Implementation Impact Risk Outcomes? Raising Questions After Learning from India

Garima Jain


Allan Lavell, Cassidy Johnson, Garima Jain

The Costs of Climate Change in India: A Review of the Climate-Related Risks Facing India, and their Economic and Social Costs

Angela Picciariello, Sarah Colenbrander, Amir Bazaz, Rathin Roy