Conducting Life History Interviews: A How-to Guide

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Risks and Responses in Rural India: Implications for Local Climate Change Adaptation Action

Chandni Singh, Andaleeb Rahman, Arjun Srinivas, Amir Bazaz

Self-reliance of the Koha Acquisition Module for Managing Procurement of Printed Books: An Academic Library Perspective

Amrutraj Benahal

Livelihood Vulnerability and Adaptation in Kolar District, Karnataka, India: Mapping Risks and Responses

Chandni Singh, Ritwika Basu, Arjun Srinivas

Key Findings from ASSAR’S Regional Diagnostic Study and Initial Research: Bangalore Sub-Region, Karnataka, Information Brief

Thinking critically about the future of water security in Bengaluru, India using Transformative Scenario Planning

Prathijna Poonacha, Maitreyi Koduganti