Climate Change Adaptation in Indian Cities: A Review of Existing Actions and Spaces for Triple Wins

Chandni Singh, Mythili Madhavan, Jasmitha Arvind, Amir Bazaz

Use of WEB 2.0 Tools in the Libraries of top NIRF Ranked Universities

Vinay M S, Mahalakshmi K R (Reted)

IIHS COVID-19 Response Plan IIHS Edition 2, 2021-2022

Dwaipayan Banerjee, Capt K Pooja Vasanth (Retd.)

Impacts of 1.5°C of Global Warming on Natural and Human Systems

Marco Bindi, Sally Brown, Ines Camilloni, Arona Diedhiou, Riyanti Djalante, Kristie L. Ebi, Francois Engelbrecht, Joel Guiot, Yasuaki Hijioka, Shagun Mehrotra, Antony Payne, Sonia I. Seneviratne, Adelle Thomas, Rachel Warren, Chandni Singh et al.‬

Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures: India Background Paper

Poonam Batra, Aromar Revi, Amir Bazaz, Chandni Singh, Prathigna Poonacha

A Model-Based Estimate of the Groundwater Budget and Associated Uncertainties in Bengaluru, India

S. K. Tomer, M Sekhar, Krishnachandran Balakrishnan, Deepak Malghan, S Thiyaku, M Gautam, Vishal K Mehta

Equal Cities : IIHS Annual Research Conference Proceedings


Holding Space for Voices that Do Not Speak: Design Reform of Rating Systems for Platforms in GREAT Economies

Anuttama Dasgupta, Prasanna P. Karhade, Abhishek Kathuria, Benn R. Konsynski

A Clustering Approach to Clean Cooking Transition Pathways for Low-Income Households in Bangalore

André Paul Neto-Bradley, Rishika Rangarajan, Ruchi Choudhary, Amir Bashir Bazaz