Planning Fecal Sludge Management Systems: Challenges Observed in a Small Town in Southern India

Reeba Devaraj, Rajiv K. Raman, Kavita Wankhade, Dhanik Narayan, Navamani Ramasamy, Teja Malladi

Why Representation Matters in Disaster Recovery

Roger Few, Chandni Singh, Vasudha Chhotray, Nihal Ranjit, Garima Jain, Mark Tebboth, Hazel Marsh and Mythili Madhavan

Representing Recovery: How the Construction and Contestation of Needs and Priorities Can Shape Long-term Outcomes for Disaster-affected People

Roger Few, Hazel Marsh, Garima Jain, Chandni Singh, Mark Glyn Llewellyn Tebboth

Losses and Damages Associated with Slow-Onset Events: Urban Drought and Water Insecurity in Asia

Chandni Singh, Garima Jain, Vibhas Sukhwani, Rajib Shaw

Of Borewells and Bicycles: The Gendered Nature of Water Access in Karnataka, South India and its Implications for Local Vulnerability

Chandni Singh