Framework for Addressing Occupational Safety of De-Sludging Operators: A Study in two Indian Cities

Mamta Gautam, Kavita Wankhade, Gayathri Sarangan, Srinithi Sudhakar

Planning Fecal Sludge Management Systems: Challenges Observed in a Small Town in Southern India

Reeba Devaraj, Rajiv K. Raman, Kavita Wankhade, Dhanik Narayan, Navamani Ramasamy, Teja Malladi

Representing Recovery: How the Construction and Contestation of Needs and Priorities Can Shape Long-term Outcomes for Disaster-affected People

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Losses and Damages Associated with Slow-Onset Events: Urban Drought and Water Insecurity in Asia

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Revenue-Based Business Model to Growth-Based Business Model: A Critical Review of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Omkar Nadh Pattela

Is Drug Development in India Responsive to the Disease Burden?

Omkar Nadh Pattela

Political Economy of Biomedical Technology

Omkar Nadh Pattela