Informal Work and Maternal and Child Health: A Blind Spot in Public Health and Research

Gautam Bhan, Aditi Surie, Christiane Horwood, Richard Dobson, Laura Alfers, Anayda Portela, Nigel Rollins

Attitudes and Perceptions About Breastfeeding Among Female and Male Informal Workers in India and South Africa

Catherine Horwood, Aditi Surie, Lee Haskins, Siphelele Luthuli, Hinton Rowan, Antara Rai Chowdhury, ‪Nathan D. Rollins‬

The future of the future city? The new urban sciences and a PEAK Urban interdisciplinary disposition

MichaelKeith, NeaveO’Clery, SueParnell, AromarRevi 

A Multi-Scalar Approach for Assessing Costs and Benefits of Risk Reduction Alternatives for the People and the City: Cases of Three Resettlements in Visakhapatnam, India

Garima Jain, Amir Bazaz

City Survey in Maharashtra using Drone Technology

Mukesh Yadav, Deepika Jha, Ruby Moun

Jahan Jhuggi, Wahan Makaan: Assessing the Viability and Parameters of a Delhi Government JJ Cluster Improvement Scheme

Gautam Bhan, Rashee Mehra, Nidhi Sohane, Eklavya Vasudev, Mukesh Yadav

On-Demand Platforms and Pricing: How Platforms Can Impact the Informal Urban Economy, Evidence from Bengaluru, India

Aditi Surie

Urban Health & Climate Resilience: A Case of Surat City, India

Anuj Ghanekar, Vikas Kishor Desai