This section is home to a range of data-based outputs from visualisations to maps, atlases to infographics, as well as blog pieces on data.

We launch the page with two thematic urban atlases produced by IIHS (2011 and 2015) that trace the different facets of India’s urbanisation from its socio-spatial demographics to key sectoral analyses on transport, economic development, human development, poverty, environmental services, energy, climate change and disaster risk reduction, housing, economic geography among others.

India Urban Atlas: Mapping the Growth and Expansion of India’s 100 Largest Cities

Teja Malladi, Nilakshi Chatterji, Arindam Jana

How do Bengalureans Perceive their Economic Status?

Shiya Anand, Jyothi Koduganti, Charrlotte Adelina, Apurva Kandicuppa

How Does the City Eat?

Jyothi Koduganti, Charrlotte Adelina, Apurva Kandicuppa