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Urban Land and Property Record Systems in India: The Case and Agenda for Reform

Deepika Jha, Manish Dubey, Amlanjyoti Goswami

Urban Employment Programmes

Shriya Anand, Gautam Bhan, Vrashali Khandelwal, Sukrit Nagpal

Monitoring of Real Estate Project Progress by RERA

Sejal Gupta, Deepika Jha

An Action Agenda for Urban Agriculture in India

Amruth Kiran, Ashwin Mahalingam, Chandni Singh, Dhananjayan Mayavel, Maitreyi Koduganti, Parama Roy, Prathijna Poonacha Kodira, Sheetal Patil, Swarnika Sharma, Teja Malladi

Efficacy of RERA Web Portals

Sejal Gupta & Deepika Jha

Governing For The Local Environment Within Corridor Projects In India

Amogh Arakali and Tanvi Bhatikar

How is India Adapting to Heatwaves? An Assessment of Heat Action Plans with Insights for Transformative Climate Action

Aditya Valiathan Pillai, Chandni Singh, Sheetal Patil, Tamanna Dalal, Nihal Ranjit, Prathijna Poonacha 

The Need for Real Time and Granular Data to Study the Urban Economy

Shriya Anand, Viola Lewis, Herry Gulabani

Decoding the Unique Codes for Revenue Plots in Uttar Pradesh

Mukesh Yadav, Deepika Jha

Why Representation Matters in Disaster Recovery

Roger Few, Chandni Singh, Vasudha Chhotray, Nihal Ranjit, Garima Jain, Mark Tebboth, Hazel Marsh and Mythili Madhavan

Climate Adaptation Policy: Key Findings and Recommendations

Amir Bashir Bazaz, Prathigna Poonacha, Maitreyi Koduganti, Suruchi Bhadwal, Ganesh Gorti, Tuhin Ghosh, Ramkumar Bendapudiz

Rethinking Post-disaster Relocation in Urban India

Garima Jain, Chandni Singh, Teja Malladi

Reducing Relocation Risk in Urban Areas

Garima Jain, Cassidy Johnson, Shuaib Lwasa, Anthony Oliver-Smith, Emily Wilkinson