Property Mapping in Maharashtra Selecting a Suitable Survey Technology

Mukesh Yadav | 2018


In the course of recent years, land and property records have gained a lot of attention in administrative discussions. Many state governments have land records for agricultural areas, when it comes to built-up areas—there are only textual and a very few spatial records maintained. Property mapping helps determine property boundaries, which, in turn, enables better planning, digitization of records, as well as solving property dispute cases. The accuracy of the data is a major concern while preparing the property records. Therefore, technology plays a crucial role in executing the entire survey process. This policy brief analyses a suitability matrix to identify the appropriate technology to conduct the city- survey thus, enhance data accuracy, reduces delays, and improve administrative efficiency. In the case of Maharashtra, a combination of drone and ETS technology have helped to deliver high-resolution and accurate data in a timely manner.