Urban Practitioners’ Programme (UPP)

The Urban Practitioners’ Programme (UPP) is a continuing education and capacity building programme for urban practitioners spanning across disciplines and levels in public, private, academic and civil society sectors. We at IIHS believe that a city’s transformation rests largely on the collective endeavours of practitioners who confront challenges through an informed, reflexive and creative manner.

Our teaching programmes offer institutions and practitioners new frameworks of knowledge, backed by a cohesive package of skills. These programmes bear a unique focus on practice in Indian cities and are taught by a dynamic group of internal faculty and academic and professional advisors.

The UPP portfolio spans across sectors, disciplines and scales of practice and seeks to intervene at three levels:

  1. Strategic perspectives and orientation of the practitioner to urban challenges
  2. Knowledge frameworks employed to appraise such challenges
  3. Execution skills to tackle them effectively and sustainably.

Given the diversity of our learners and the breadth of their capacities, our courses are framed through an interdisciplinary lens that will allow for an integrated approach to addressing challenges. These courses are delivered through interactive formats that focus on peer-learning and experience-sharing, through which we hope to build networks between practitioners across cities.

Urban Practitioners’ Programme Reaches the 5000 Learner Mark
Thank you to all our program participants, IAS officers and key state administrators, Army officers, executives from the private and joint sector, and individual practitioners for your support in achieving this. Know more


Courses in the UPP offer institutions and practicing professionals a coherent package of skills as well as new frameworks of knowledge, with a focus on existing practice in Indian cities seen from an inter-disciplinary lens. These courses enable participants to plan, deliver and manage existing public programmes as well as private and civil society-led development activities more effectively, equitably and sustainably.

Institutional Partnerships

The Urban Practitioner’s Programme collaborates with key institutions in the urban sphere for various training and capacity-building programmes. It conducts workshops and courses in thematic areas such as Affordable Housing, Urban Water Supply and Sanitation, Geospatial Technology, and Building Resilience to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction. Under these partnerships, UPP has trained public sector functionaries across hierarchies and geographies in India.