Land Records Modernisation: Developing Protocols



Based on the experiences of state-level efforts to modernise land records, this policy brief discusses three main aspects of property records reform: Comprehensiveness of records to capture on-ground property rights and use arrangements, record updating process to create and keep real-time records and developing protocols and dispute resolution procedures to address. The protocols should address all the concerns dealing with digitisation of records and linking them with geo-spatial data to keep it real time, updation of records to create a data bridge between registration and mutation processes and with different institutions. The policy brief argues that over time, if courts are satisfied that the protocols and procedures for dispute resolution incorporated into the new recording systems are fair, transparent, replicable and sufficiently robust to handle claims and objections, it may be possible to incrementally draw a ‘curtain’ and move towards clear, presumptive titles and eventually conclusive titles.

ISBN: 9789387315501