Understanding Global Development Research: Fieldwork Issues, Experiences and Reflections: Chapter 9

Swetha Rao Dhananka

Tech in Work: Organising Informal Work in India

Aditi Surie

The Utility of Weather and Climate Information for Adaptation Decision-making: Current Uses and Future Prospects in Africa and India

Chandni Singh, , Joseph Daron, Amir Bashir Bazaz, Gina Ziervogel, Dian Spear, Jagdish Krishnaswamy, Modathir Zaroug and Evans Kituyi

Integrated Landscape Initiatives for Agriculture, Livelihoods and Ecosystem Conservation: An Assessment of Experiences from South and Southeast Asia

Camilla Zanzanaini, Binh Thi Trần, Chandni Singh, Abigail Hart, Jeffrey Milder, Fabrice DeClerck

Land, Infrastructure and Ecological Sustainability in Indian Cities

Kavita Wankhade and Krishnachandran Balakrishnan

The Political Economy of Urban Land in India: Key Issues

Neha Sami

Barriers and Enablers to Climate Adaptation: Evidence from Rural and Urban Areas in India

Chandni Singh, Kavya Michael, Amir Bashir Bazaz