Attitudes and Perceptions About Breastfeeding Among Female and Male Informal Workers in India and South Africa

Catherine Horwood, Aditi Surie, Lee Haskins, Siphelele Luthuli, Hinton Rowan, Antara Rai Chowdhury, ‪Nathan D. Rollins | 2020


Background: Worldwide, over 740 million women make their living in the informal economy and therefore lack formal employment benefits, such as maternity leave, that can improve infant feeding practices. Returning to work is one of the biggest challenges women face to maintaining breastfeeding. This study aimed to explore attitudes and perceptions towards breastfeeding in the informal work environment among male and female informal workers. Methods: The study used a qualitative research design. Purposive and snowball sampling was employed. Focus group discussions (FGDs) were conducted among men and women working in different types of informal jobs, in India and South Africa. Data was analysed using a thematic approach and the framework method