Use of WEB 2.0 Tools in the Libraries of top NIRF Ranked Universities

Vinay M S, Mahalakshmi K R | 2020 


In the advancement of the digital era, web 2.0 applications play a vital role in creating, sharing and dissemination of information. In the modern day, scholarly communication is solely carried out using web 2.0 tools and technologies. University libraries are developing their services to the users and they are also very crucial for the impact of research in a university. Academic libraries are one of the major types of libraries who adopts and incorporates web 2.0 applications into their services. These web 2.0 applications recently emerged as a second generation of web-based technologies for communication (Linh, 2008). Providing library services through web 2.0 applications is another opportunity for integrating the library into the learning environment (Baro, 2013). According to Harinarayana and Raju (2010), library websites are changing their content and structure due to the introduction of social networking sites and the usage among the teenagers keep on increasing.With the rapidly growing electronic resources, libraries are trying to offer a high-quality online services on their library websites (Chua & Goh, 2010). Balaji, Vinay, Shalini and Mohan Raju (2019) also found in their study that over 60% of Asian university libraries have adopted one or more web 2.0 applications.