Climate Change Adaptation to Extreme Heat: A Global Systematic Review of Implemented Action

Lynée L Turek-Hankins, Erin Coughlan de Perez, Giulia Scarpa, Raquel Ruiz-Diaz, Patricia Nayna Shwerdtle, Elphin Tom Joe, Eranga K Galappaththi, Emma M French, Stephanie E Austin, Chandni Singh, Mariella Siña, A R Siders, Maarten K van Aalst, Sienna Templeman, Abraham M Nunbogu, Lea Berrang-Ford, Tavi Agrawal, Katharine J Mach

Breastfeeding Knowledge and Practices of Working Mothers in the Informal Economy in New Delhi: A Formative Study to Explore New Intervention Pathways Towards Improved Maternal and Child Health Outcomes

Antara Rai Chowdhury, Aditi Surie, Gautam Bhan