Regenerative Agriculture Augments Bacterial Community Structure for a Healthier Soil and Agriculture

Indira Singh, Meeran Hussain, G. Manjunath, Nagasuma Chandra, G. Ravikanth | 2023


Use of chemical fertilization and pesticides not only harm the environment but also have detrimental consequences on human health. In recent years, there has been a major emphasis worldwide on natural agriculture methods. Regenerative agriculture is known across the world as a combination of nature-friendly farming practices such as no-till, cover cropping, crop-rotation, agroforestry and use of organic home-based/farm-based ingredients to revive soil health. In India, a number of farmers are slowly adopting these practices using home-based mixtures and farmyard manure for soil rejuvenation and pest management. In order to evaluate the efficacy of the regenerative agriculture practices, this study compared conventional and regenerative agriculture plots for their soil bacterial and nutrient profiles.