Scientists Must Have a Say in the Future of Cities

Timon McPhearson, Susan Parnell, David Simon, Owen Gaffney, Thomas Elmqvist, Xuemei Bai, Debra Roberts and Aromar Revi

Apples and Oranges: Inter-regional Comparisons within India.

Shriya Anand, Neha Sami

Making the Sustainable Development Goals Operational through an Urban Agenda: Perspectives from Science

Susan Parnell, José G. Siri, Thomas Elmqvist, Peter Marcotullio, Anthony Capon, Aromar Revi, Jo Ivey Boufford

Urban Political Mobilisation – Learning from Cairo

Gautam Bhan

Urbanisation, Planning and Spirituality for a Sustainable World

Christoph Woiwode, Sathish Selvakumar