Navigating Exclusions within Infrastructures of Leisure: Visual Expressions and Examinations of Single Screen Theatre Spaces and the lives of their Labour Force

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State of Occupational Safety and Health Practices at Workplace for Domestic Workers in COVID-19 and Possibilities for Action

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Toward a Climate Mobilities Research Agenda: Intersectionality, Immobility, and Policy Responses

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Needs Assessment Study of Occupational and Health Hazards Faced by Desludging Workers in a City in India

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Gender and Social Inclusion Across the Sanitation Chain in Tamil Nadu – Assessment and Strategy

Ranjani Krishnamurthy, Gayathri Sarangan, Abhilaasha Nagarajan, Rajesh Ramamoorthy, Reeba Devaraj, Blessy Oviya, Nandini Nataraj