Vertical Integration for Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Sector: Lessons from Decentralisation in Africa and India

Gina Ziervoge, Poshendra Satyal, Ritwika Basu, Adelina Mensah, Chandni Singh, Salma Hegga, Thelma Zulfawu Abu 

Classification of Ultraviolet Stellar Spectra Using Artificial Neural Networks

R. K. Gulati, Ranjan Gupta, Pradeep Gothoskar, Shyam Khobragade

Land Use/ Land Cover Classification of Google Earth Imagery

D R Sowmya, Vishwas S Hegde, J Suhas, Raghavendra V Hegdekatte, P Deepa Shenoy, K R Venugopal

Generation of Digital Elevation Map for Steep Terrain Region Using Landsat-7 ETM+ Imagery

D R Sowmya, S Avinash Rao, P Deepa Shenoy, K R Venugopal

Globalisation Lived Locally: New Forms of Control, Conflict and Response Among Labour in Kerala, Examined Through a Labour Geography Lens

Neethi, P

Contract Work in the Organised Manufacturing sector: A disaggregated analysis of trends and their implications

Neethi, P

Globalisation Lived Locally: A Labour Geography Perspective on Control, Conflict and Response among Workers in Kerala

Neethi, P

Home-Based Work and Issues of Gender and Space

Neethi, P

Everyday Place Making Through Social Capital Among Street Vendors at Manek Chowk, Gujarat, India

Neethi, P, Anant Kamath, Anjali M. Paul