Subasri Krishnan

Lead – Media Lab | skrishnan at iihs dot ac dot in

2002    MA, Mass Communication, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
1996    BA, Madras Christian College, Chennai



Countries: India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, United States of America, United Kingdom and Brazil
States: Assam, Manipur, New Delhi
Cities: Singapore City, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Penang, Jakarta, New York, London, Delhi, Moreh, Imphal, Guwahati, Nellie, Salvador-Bahia and Washington DC
Languages: English, Bengali, Tamil, Hindi

Subasri has been filmmaker for more than a decade. She also heads the Media Lab of the Indian Institute for Human Settlement (IIHS).


Her documentary films deal with contemporary politics. Her first documentary film ‘Brave New Medium’ on internet censorship in South-­‐East Asia, has been screened at film festivals, both nationally and internationally. The award-winning ‘This or That Particular Person’ looks at the idea of official identity documents and in that context, the Unique Identity number. The film was adjudged as the Best Short Documentary Film at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (IDSFFK), 2013. Her last documentary film ‘What The Fields Remember’ explores ideas of memory, violence and justice through survivors’ narratives of the massacre. Her new documentary film (in-production) explores questions of citizenship and nationhood in contemporary Assam.


Subasri is the recipient of the Charles Wallace award, the Chevening Fellowship, PSBT film fellowship and the Goethe Insitut Residency award at Salvador-Bahia, Brazil. Prior to going to film school, Subasri worked at the academic journal ‘Seminar’.

Practice Projects at IIHS

2015 – 2016 Urban Lens Film Festival Edition 3
2014 – 2015Urban Lens Film Festival Edition 2
2013 – 2014Urban Lens Film Festival Edition 1


CommonsFilm Making and editing, identity and practice



Ways of Seeing Course



Skill Lab
Media Skill Lab


Previous Teaching Experience

2015Sri Aurobindo School of Arts and Communication (sacac)
2004Lady Irwin College

Journal Article

  • Krishnan, S. (2018). Thematic ad-portfolio: The urban lens film festival. MARG: The art of Magazine, 70(1), 1-9.


Other Writing

  • Krishnan, S. (2018, August 7). NRC in Assam goes much beyond Hindu-Muslim binary; ignores state’s complicated history. Retrieved from
  • Krishnan, S. (2015, August 22). Memory and Forgetting in Nellie. Live Mint. Retrieved from
  • Krishnan, S. (2015, February 18). Thirty-two Years Later, the Nellie Massacre Remains All But Forgotten. The Caravan. Retrieved from


  • 2015 What The Fields Remember (Director and Scriptwriter)
  • 2012 This or That Particular Person (Director and Scriptwriter)
  • 2010 Brave New Medium, (Director and Scriptwriter)


University screenings in US 2016:

  •  28th September, 6.30 pm, Luce Hall, Yale University
  •  5th October, 6.00 pm, Watson Institute, Brown University
  • 6th October, 4:00 pm, South Asia Institute , Harvard University
  • 8th October, 6:00 pm, MIT
  • 10th October, 5:00 pm, Dodge Hall, Columbia University
  • 13th October, Rutgers University
  • 14th October, 12.30 pm, Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University (NYU)
  • 17th October, 6.30 pm, McCormick screening room, UC Irvine
  • 19th October, 12.30 pm, Encina Hall Central, Stanford University
  • 20th October, 5:00 pm, Stephens Hall, UC Berkeley
  • 26th October, 6:00 pm, Green Hall, Princeton University



  • 2017 Urban Arch
  • 2010 Delhi Urban Arts Commission, Video Component