Writing for Research and Analysis

Writing for Research and Analysis

Writing for Research and Analysis

Writing for Research and Analysis

This short and focussed course enables early-career researchers to use qualitative research methods to explore key questions on the Urban. Delivered by an expert in the subject, this course will include case studies, discussions and activities that will enable participants to
understand the various stages in the qualitative research process, exploring the following high-level questions:


  • Why is qualitative research important in understanding different aspects of the Urban?
  • What kind of research questions best lend themselves to different qualitative research methods?
  • What are the various methods and practices in data collection and data analysis in qualitative research?
  • What are the ethical challenges in conducting qualitative research?
  • What are the practical challenges in data collection and data interpretation in qualitative research?


Target Audience
Young researchers working in academia or in the social sector
PhD scholars who want to develop a deep understanding of qualitative research
Master’s students who are interested in pursuing a research career


Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of qualitative research in exploring key urban questions
  • Identify appropriate qualitative research methods for different research questions
  • Use different data collection techniques in qualitative research
  • Find practical solutions to various challenges in data collection in qualitative research
  • Interpret qualitative data to extract meaningful interpretations and insights


  • Extensive use of real research cases and experiences
  • Concepts, discussions, examples and methods rooted in the urban Indian context
  • Activities to enable immediate application
  • Ongoing resource bank
Week 1
09:30 – 11:0011:30 – 13:0014:00 – 15:3016:00 – 17:30
3rd March, FridayIntroduction to Qualitative ResearchEthics, Reflexivity and Positionality in Research
4th March, SaturdayObservation and Writing Field NotesInterviews


Week 2
09:30 – 11:0011:30 – 13:0014:00 – 15:3016:00 – 17:30
10th March, FridayFocus Group Discussions and Activities
11th March, SaturdayData Transcription and CodingData Analysis


Note: IIHS reserves the right to make changes to the programme schedule as it deems necessary due to exigencies.

  • Format: Online
  • Dates: 3 – 4 March and 10 – 11 March 2023
  • Fees: Rs.4,750/-  (+ 18% GST)
  • Maximum Cohort Size: 30 participants