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The IIHS’ main 55-acre campus at Kengeri, Bangalore is intended to demonstrate current and progressive thinking about how an efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable and aesthetic urban settlement should be planned, designed, built and managed. The design will involve close interaction between planning and design experts, professionals from a variety of social disciplines, the user group, craftspeople and the community in which the campus is situated.

The campus is not intended to be an insulated and gated community but will seek to accommodate some of the needs of the surrounding community and of the city. It will endeavor to achieve such porosity without endangering the safety of those who work and live on the campus or the security of its assets.

IIHS will seek to deploy progressive and imaginative designs for minimizing the consumption of space, water, energy and harmful chemicals; minimizing waste generation and disposal; mitigation pollution of land, water and air; ensuring energy-efficient and environment friendly movement of people and goods; optimizing productive and ecologically diverse usage of open spaces; optimizing the use of both local and reusable or recyclable materials; and of course, ensuring the well-being, convenience and efficiency of the user community.

IIHS will also seek to ensure that the community of workers that constructs the buildings and systems are fairly paid and well housed, their children are educated and cared for, work practices are safe and humane, and the skills and knowledge base of workers are enhanced so that they become more valuable assets to society. In short, IIHS expects to set international standards for both outcomes and processes in its campus that others could emulate.


IIHS currently functions out of a 21,000 sq ft City Campus spanning four floors and an expansive terrace that is an ideal and open learning environment for teaching, research and training.

The IIHS Bangalore City Campus hosts:

Multiple Teaching-Learning Classrooms
IIHS City Campus classrooms are technologically enabled with the latest learning infrastructure and are designed such that the layout of the desks and chairs can be reblocked instantaneously to transform from lecture and seminar modes to practica and studio settings.

Public Halls
These are 50-seater halls to host talks, Master Classes, film screenings, performances, seminars and exhibitions.

Social Spaces
From a generous semi-covered area on the ground floor to a beautiful spill out area on the main teaching floor and the expansive rooftop canteen, there are ample social spaces for participants to meet, gather, and interact.


‘Tharangavana’, is a heritage building located in a one acre area of rare plants and trees overlooking the Sankey Tank in Sadasivanagar Bangalore. It serves as an ideal location for IIHS to conduct seminars, discussions and provide space for quiet reflection for scholars, practitioners and policy makers.