Urban India 2015: Evidence (Urban Economy)

Editor: Aromar Revi, Lead Authors: Arindam Jana, Teja Malladi, Shriya Anand, Jyothi Koduganti, Mohan Raju JS, Pooja Rao, Neha Sami

Affordable and Clean Energy: An Indian Perspective

Kenrick Mascarenhas, Ritwika Basu, Amir Bashir Bazaz

Urban India 2016: Evidence

Amir Bashir Bazaz, Arindam Jana, Aromar Revi, Teja Malladi

Getting Started with the SDGs in Cities

Chaitanya Kanuri, Aromar Revi, Jessica Espey, Holger Kuhle

Human Settlements Processes and Public Policy in South Asia

Aromar Revi

The Emerging Nature of Work in Platform Economy Companies in Bengaluru, India: The Case of Uber and Ola Cab Drivers

Aditi Surie, Jyothi Koduganti