IIHS Internship Programme

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) is a national educational institution committed to the equitable, sustainable and efficient transformation of Indian settlements.


The IIHS Internship Programme provides young scholars a uniquely interdisciplinary environment for learning and participating in ongoing research and practice projects. IIHS Internships will enable you to develop further in your chosen field and broaden your horizons in related fields. It is an immersive endeavour where theory meets practice and learning is largely experiential.


The work that we do involves various facets of sustainable development ranging across climate change, economic development, environment and sustainability, law, governance and public policy, human development, urban systems and infrastructure. Apart from this, we are also involved in content development, filmmaking, editing and design.


Located in a rather verdant corner of Sadashivanagar, the IIHS campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a niche library, which is open to the public. The library houses books and journals specific to different subfields of sustainable development; apart from this we have a rich repertoire of literary fiction and nonfiction works from authors both local and global.


The campus is also home to many literary and cultural events such as the City Scripts literary festival and the Urban Lens film festival. We also have weekly talks and events featuring prominent scholars, development professionals and practitioners.


The work environment fosters interest not just in one’s own field but offers opportunities to broaden one’s interests in other relevant creative spaces.


The internships will be paid positions. They will be located primarily in Bengaluru, while some will be in Delhi and Chennai.

Below is a list of all current opportunities. Those interested in other areas IIHS is engaged with are also encouraged to apply. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis:


Campus Development (Architecture)

The Intern will: Support the campus development team in the documentation of ongoing site activities (e.g. Amphitheatre construction, Landscape works, Road finishes, external services, building construction works, etc), including the preparation of architectural drawings, as-built drawings, 3d renderings, sketches, etc; Development of primary and secondary case studies with a focus on sustainable building design and construction processes; Participation in site meetings with different stakeholders of the project and documenting/ minuting the discussions; Assisting in the preparation of teaching-learning material and publications based on ongoing activities at the site.


A Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Architecture or Urban Design with proficiency in Autocad, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, MS office, and good writing and communications skills is desirable. The Intern may be required to travel in case there is a need.



Communications & Design

Social Media Intern: The Intern will be involved in monitoring IIHS’ social media handles on an everyday basis. The Intern will also help with social media postings, both from an ideation perspective as well as execution. A proactive attitude to look at other, similar organisations and institutions will be appreciated. Minimum eligibility will be a bachelor’s degree. Content writing skills and familiarity with the use of social media tools are a must. Design experience or a desire to learn design tools will be an added advantage.


 Intern for Content Writing: The Intern will help with collating information for institutional newsletters and assist with other content writing requirements including writing for social media posts. The Intern must have an eye for detail and the ability to coordinate with multiple teams. Minimum eligibility will be a bachelor’s degree. Previous experience with writing in any form, across any platform is a must.


Design Intern: The Intern will help with daily graphic design tasks, formatting, page layouts and typesetting. Minimum eligibility will be a bachelor’s degree. The Intern must have a good eye for design, be current in their understanding of design trends and tools, and proactive.


Intern for Website/Wordpress: The Intern will help with updating the existing digital assets including the IIHS website and other microsites. Previous experience with working on WordPress is a must. Understanding of and/or experience with back-end development is an added plus.



Practice Team

The intern will contribute to the collection and analysis of various secondary data sets in the context of ongoing institutional, research, and practice projects. She/ he is expected to perform allotted tasks with internal coordination, including basic admin tasks; attend internal meetings and maintain minutes and other documentation; coordinate calendars for meetings, and other engagements with various stakeholders.


Minimum eligibility will be a bachelor’s degree in architecture/ engineering/ planning with proficiency in MS Office suite and good writing and communication skills.  Familiarity with design tools like Photoshop, CorelDraw and Illustrator will be an advantage. Interest and familiarity in the utility infrastructure planning and transport sector domain are essential. Awareness of Data visualizations, analytical frame, and spatial representation is necessary. The Intern shall possess the ability to function under minimal guidance, prioritize work, and perform under a fast-paced and dynamic environment.


The role will provide exposure to analytical thinking, apart from learning to handle and represent spatial data pertaining to strategic initiatives in the infrastructure and transport sector. Travel may be required if there is a need.



Practice Team (Transport)
The intern will assist in conducting secondary research for working papers on urban transport. The intern should have a keen interest in India’s urban transport sector and good research, writing, and visualization skills. Minimum eligibility will be a bachelor’s degree. A degree in transport planning or urban planning will be preferred.



Digital Blended Learning 

The intern will: track and document the details of all the workshops and other courses created / run by Digital Blended Learning (DBL); will give operational support in terms of helping with internal coordination and basic admin tasks; attend internal meetings and maintain minutes and other documentation; coordinate calendars for meetings and other engagements with various stakeholders; support with the online program and maintain repositories of content from online courses.


A degree in any discipline with proficiency in MS Office and good writing and communication skills is desirable. The intern may be required to travel if there is a need.



Internet of Things Lab

The intern will prototype IoT solutions, based on the sensors and communication protocols: creating a mesh array of sensors, creating the control logic at the sensor level (edge computing) and also gathering data for all systems and utilities; creating a data system, creating and configuring a platform for capturing the interplay of systems and building a control network to manage the systems, utilities and environmental parameters; in addition, setting up and implementing drone technology in the proposed IoT lab.


The intern should have a bachelor’s degree in electronics, IT, computer science or related fields, and should be open to working with her/his hands. Experience of machine learning, AI, IP Networking, Hardware interfacing, Information security, business intelligence, TCP/IP Layer2/3, UDP, NAT, Qos, IPV4, IPV6, VLANs, routing protocols, etc will be preferred.



Urban Informatics Lab

Position #1
The intern will assist in developing a set of software tools for data ingestion, transformation and analysis. A solid understanding of database systems and excellent programming skills are expected. The work will include creating modular and efficient ETL (Extract Transform & Load) scripts in Python for data sources of varying scale and complexity. Some exposure to text mining and data visualisation are desirable, but not mandatory. Minimum eligibility will be a Bachelor’s degree.


Position #2
The intern will contribute to the collection and analysis of various data sets in the context of multiple research projects. An ability to translate high level research questions to specific data visualisations and analyses is necessary. The ideal candidate will have the curiosity and skills to explore data to find meaningful patterns and then to produce comprehensive stories that convey the insights to the intended audience. Some familiarity with research in urban planning, public policy or economics is expected. Minimum eligibility will be a Bachelor’s degree.



Academics & Research

Position #1
The intern will collect data – according to a given set of parameters – regarding courses and syllabi related to urban studies from various social sciences, humanities, law and management departments/schools in higher education institutions across the country. This will involve compiling lists of courses and content where such information is readily available online; and/or contacting the faculty and staff in institutions to request information on a department-wise basis. The intern is expected to be familiar with the structure of higher education institutions across India and have a broad understanding of the nature of social science and humanities education. A degree in the social sciences or education and a familiarity with social science research methods is desirable.


Position #2
The intern will map the research market for the IIHS Research Programme. He/she will assist in data mining, collation for analysis and in identifying opportunities in the research market. The intern should be well versed in secondary research.



Geospatial Lab
Position #1
The intern will assist with a wide range of projects and data management tasks at the Geospatial Lab. The candidate is expected to have advanced skills in geospatial analysis and experience with QGIS and ArcGIS. Experience with Python or R will be desirable but not required.


Position #2

This position is focused on automated analysis of large geospatial datasets. Applicants should have familiarity with Python/R and the DOS platform along with experience in SAGA/GDAL.


The intern will learn how to analyse large scale geospatial datasets to address urban problems. The intern will also get hands-on experience in geospatial automation and modelling using cloud-based services.



Legal & Regulation
The intern will assist the Legal & Regulation team at IIHS on tasks such as research and drafting in relation to institutional contracts, legal opinions and compliance matters. The intern will also be responsible for providing legal support and assistance on work related to the land records project in carrying out collection and analysis of relevant laws, policies, regulations and databases/records pertaining to land and its governance and management in study states and locations.



Media Lab
The internship will primarily involve editing interviews, public lectures and other videos that will go up on the IIHS YouTube Channel among other projects that the Media Lab is involved in. A working knowledge of cameras (video cameras/ DSLR) and editing on Final Cut Pro / Adobe Premiere Pro is essential. Working knowledge of Adobe After Effects is optional but encouraged. The intern should have a graduate or post-graduate degree in the area of mass communication / film making. The duration of the internship will be a minimum of one month to a maximum of six months.



Word Lab
The Word Lab anchors the editorial function at IIHS. It produces the Urbanisation journal, manages the Knowledge Gateway, conducts writing workshops, and hosts an annual urban writings festival City Scripts. The intern will be expected to help across all of these diverse activities. The role will enable them to learn how to copy edit content, compile learning and development (L&D) material, engage with the IIHS community to understand ongoing research work, and learn how to manage the programming of City Scripts.



Urban Practitioners’ Programme (UPP)

The intern is expected to assist in content creation and course coordination for capacity building work on urban development



Library (Chennai)

This internship will involve assisting Library operations, mainly user and research services, instruction and outreach, acquisition and technical processing of learning resources being acquired for the Library. Coordinating with the Library team, this position requires a working knowledge of Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) standard, Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and exposure to open source or proprietary Library automation systems, preferably Koha Library Management System, though not mandatory. This position will be based in Chennai. The intern will be required to travel to Bangalore for two weeks to train with the IIHS Library team at the Bengaluru City Campus, when the Covid-19 conditions get safe.


Bachelor/Master’s degree in Library and Information Science with 0-2 years work experience will be preferred.



These are paid internships located in Bangalore. Some internships may be available in Delhi.

We are looking for candidates who are committed, willing to learn, and able to work both independently and as part of a team. Previous professional work experience and academic coursework in the chosen field is desired but is not a requirement to participate in the IIHS Internship Programme. Ideal candidates will possess outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, and demonstrate willingness to learn while carrying out a variety of activities as needed.


Candidates must be pursuing or be recent graduates of Master’s or PhD degrees in any discipline relevant to the themes outlined above.


Candidates applying for internships in the Legal and Regulation area should be pursuing an undergraduate or Master’s degree in Law or be recent graduates of the same.


The application process consists of a written submission and interview.

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How long is the internship programme?
The IIHS internship programme is usually between 1 and 6 months depending on projects. This may be extended depending on specific project needs.

Due to University requirements, I can undertake an internship only between specific dates. Is it possible to do so?
Yes, as long as it meets our project requirements.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of my internship?

Will IIHS provide assistance in finding suitable accommodation?
Yes. All possible support shall be extended by IIHS

When can I expect to hear about the outcome of my internship application?
You can expect a response between 2- 3 weeks.

My school/sponsor requires me to obtain a signed agreement with IIHS, will this be possible?
Yes, a contract will be given during the onboarding process.

Is there any stipend associated with it?

How is the application evaluated?
The application is evaluated based on the project requirement in relation to the applicant’s education, skill sets, interest, availability and experience (if any).


IIHS is lauded by its current intern pool and its former interns for the incredibly enriching experience it provides. Interns say/feel/believe that the most attractive feature of IIHS is its interdisciplinary focus on development issues. The range of interns we currently have and have had in the past make up the institute’s rich repertoire of young practitioners in various fields. They are matched by prolific mentors who are experts in their fields.


Here are some intern experiences in their own words:

Jessica George

Hannah Smith

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