Digital Blended Learning

Digital Blended Learning (DBL) is a key means of achieving IIHS’ core objectives of access and inclusion, by offering high-quality content on interdisciplinary urban practice, science and studies in an anytime anywhere format at low cost.


The vision of DBL is to ‘become the go-to resource for all things Urban in India and in the world’. To achieve this vision, some of the key objectives of the IIHS’ DBL Programme are as follows:

  • Enrich the experience of learners and participants of various IIHS courses by supplementing classroom sessions with rich multimedia content, both in-class and before and after the class.
  • Take the conversations and debates on urban practice, science and studies to a wide audience of academics, students, and practitioners across India and the world, through a combination of standalone MOOCs and blended learning programs.
  • Create a rich repository of digital learning assets on urban practice, science and studies, for teachers, learners and researchers.
  • Provide learning content from experts in India and from across the world, in multiple languages.
  • Enable strong peer-to-peer learning experiences and collaborative problem-solving opportunities around some of the most pressing urban challenges of our age.


The following are the key DBL initiatives currently underway at the IIHS:

  • Sustainable Cities is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) designed and developed by IIHS in partnership with the SDG Academy. This course is on its sixth iteration and is currently available on the edX platform. Nearly 30,000 learners from 150 countries across the world have benefitted from its world-leading pedagogy and, led by Aromar Revi, the instructional expertise of 27 of the world’s foremost urbanists. To register for this course, please click here.
  • Sustainable Development Goals IIHS is currently working on a blended learning initiative for school and early-college students on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This initiative, which is supported by generous CSR funding from Ericsson Global Services India, aims to educate India’s youth on the SDGs and harness their collective capacity and will to ensure their effective implementation.
  • Content Repository The IIHS YouTube channel has a huge collection of videos from the various learning and research events, conferences, and seminars conducted by IIHS over the years.


IIHS continues to explore partnerships with national and international institutions and corporations to design and deliver content on a whole range of topics around the Urban. If your organisation is keen to explore Digital Blended Learning solutions for your academics, students, employees, partners or other stakeholders, or if you wish to be part of any of our existing initiatives, please do reach out to dbl_team@iihs.ac.in