Writing and Disseminating Grey Literature

To help researchers, academics and development sector professionals reach their research work to a wider audience, IIHS has created an online course titled ‘Writing and Disseminating Grey Literature’. This is a 6-module self-paced course, available on Coursera.

While research work like reports, working papers, government documents, white papers, evaluations, etc. are produced through a process involving rigorous research and fieldwork, there is a significant dearth of access to this knowledge among non-academic communities, including practitioners, policymakers and citizens. At the same time, newer platforms for knowledge dissemination across digital, print and multimedia channels have made information from grey literature more available and accessible to lay readers.


This course helps academics, researchers and development sector professionals who are keen to reach their new research-based knowledge and adopt newer writing techniques, such as data stories, photo essays, opinion pieces, map-based stories and infographics.


Grey Literature is a free online course with an option for learners to gain verified certificates for a small fee. Interested learners may enrol on the course here or email Courseteam_GL@iihs.ac.in for more information.