Towards a New Urban Practice
The Urban Fellows Programme 2016 – 2022

In 2022, the Urban Fellows Programme at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bengaluru, completed six years with 227 graduates. Collectively written by Faculty and staff at IIHS, Towards a New Urban Practice marks this moment as a point of reflection.


Using the programme as an archive, the book reflects on questions of contemporary urban knowledge, interdisciplinary and southern urban pedagogy, what it means to teach about and from practice, and how our thinking on pedagogy needs to be equally rooted in questions of institutional design, operations, admissions, and the political economy of employment for new urban practitioners.

The book explores:

What do we teach?

Understand how we structure interdisciplinary learning across Core, Commons and Concentrations in our Curriculum, and get details of the key learning elements: Courses, Skill Labs, Practica, Integrative Cases and Projects.

How did we curate class cohorts for a programme like this?

Understand our approach to ensuring disciplinary and socio-economic diversity to curate an interdisciplinary class.

How does a programme like this run?

No pedagogical programme is possible without a strong operational, administrative and infrastructural foundation. See how we organise these
to enable learning.

What do Urban Fellows do now?

Trace the post-graduation journeys of our Alumni as they move across sectors and disciplines, curating their own urban practice.

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