5 week self-paced course on the economic policy-making

Economic policy affects every citizen. And economic policymaking is best done as a collaborative process with a wide range of stakeholders. This course brings an understanding of the relevance and impacts of economic policymaking in everyday life, and the ways for citizens to be involved in shaping economic policy, in an accessible and interesting manner. Taught by Dr. Vijay Kelkar and Dr. Ajay Shah, along with Aromar Revi, Director, IIHS, the course synthesises more than one hundred years of their combined experience as professional economists and public intellectuals.

Course Instructors

Dr. Vijay L Kelkar 


Board Member,
Indian Institute for Human Settlements

Dr. Ajay Shah


Research Professor of Business,
Jindal Global Business School

Aromar Revi


Indian Institute for Human Settlements

Building on intense research and reflection, the course helps learners:

  • Identify the role of the government in defining and implementing policy
  • Recognise the various objective aspects of policymaking
  • Appreciate the various softer / people aspects involved in policymaking and implementation
  • Analyse the steps involved in the process of policymaking and implementation
  • Discuss various nuances and challenges in defining and implementing policy