Masters of Urban Practice

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The proposed IIHS Master of Urban Practice (MUP) programme will be a two-year professional, interdisciplinary post-graduate degree programme to educate learners from a wide range of disciplines to manage, develop, design, adapt and plan cities, towns and regions. The MUP will be open to graduates from any discipline or practice sector and is specifically designed to enable its learners to make a transition from their existing careers and disciplines into newer urban understandings and practices that require integrated perspectives. The MUP is the result of a two-year curriculum develpoment process that brought together IIHS advisors and partners from across India and across the globe.

The IIHS MUP curriculum structure is envisaged as three overlapping layers: Core, Commons and Concentrations

The Commons is the shared curriculum taken by all MUP learners in their first year and is the foundation of IIHS’ inter disciplinarity. The Commons ensures that the learner has foundational knowledge across knowledge domains, practice areas and the IIHS Schools. The Commons consists of four ‘layers’, each stretching across the three terms of the first year.

Concentrations: Once a learner has made her way through the Commons, she can then use her second year in a Concentration that gives her depth in a particular practice area/knowledge domain. The Concentration is composed of a series of elective and required courses taken in the first two terms of Year Two. The final term of the second year is reserved for a dissertation project. The concentrations on offer at IIHS will include:

–      Planning
–      Policy and Governance
–      Economic Development
–      Human Development
–      Land and Housing
–      Infrastructure
–      Design
–      Environment
–      Risk Mitigation and Climate Change

The Core represents IIHS’ commitment to integral learner development and includes holistic self-development, situatedness in multiple epistemologies and realities of India and an engagement with the sensibilities and skills required in practice. The Core is diffused, plural, heterodox and discrete, i.e. its values spread across the institution from its design to teaching and its aspects are  also taught in discrete units including workshops, seminars, classrooms, field trips and other learning environments.

The IIHS MUP programme and curriculum framework has been designed with a $1 million Rockefeller Foundation grant to IIHS curriculum partners.