Sustainable Cities

The Sustainable Cities course has been designed and developed by IIHS, in partnership with the SDG Academy. The nine-module self-paced course is available on edX. More than 40,000 learners from 160 countries have benefited from its world-leading pedagogy, which incorporates insights from 27 of the world’s leading urbanists and case studies from cities around the world in the form of engaging lecture videos, discussion activities and interactive exercises.

Sustainable Cities examines how urban sustainability can be delivered with increased productivity and reduced inequality; provision of universal basic services and infrastructure; protection of urban environments; and other solutions and investments, both speculative and in action, around the world.

The course will be of value to anyone who is interested in learning about how cities function, the modern urban challenges that are emerging in the context of recent history and how these challenges can be addressed through a multidisciplinary approach.

Specifically, the course will benefit:

  • Graduate students and advanced undergraduate students in architecture, real estate development, sustainable development, sustainable business, international development, public policy and other related domains
  • Sustainable development practitioners interested in the elements of sustainability that impact urban areas worldwide
  • Private-sector actors, such as those who work in real estate development, technology, telecommunications, transportation, or energy – whose work can contribute to and redefine urban areas
  • Anyone interested in the concept of sustainable cities – including those interested in the development of their own local community – who wants to understand the foundations of modern urban development

Sustainable Cities is a free online course with an option for learners to gain verified certificates for a small fee. Interested learners may enrol on the course here or email the course team at for more information.