Solar Decathlon India

The Solar Decathlon India is a challenge for postgraduate and graduate students from Indian institutions to empower the next generation to combat climate change in the buildings sector. IIHS, along with the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), are the prime sponsors of the programme. About 100 teams, comprising almost 1,300 students across various disciplines, including Architecture, Town Planning and Engineering, from leading universities across India participated in the second year of the competition, along with their faculty guides.

The DBL programme at IIHS contributed to Solar Decathlon India in two ways. The first was managing the setup, customisation and management of the Moodle-based Learning Management Systems (LMS) where all the learning resources were hosted and accessed by the participants.


The second was in helping create learning resources for the participants. The learning resources included 10 Self Learning Modules of about 45 minutes each. These Self Learning Modules offer a rich multimedia learning experience to the participants and are designed and developed by the animators, graphic artists, instructional designers, technical specialists and video producers in the DBL team. The modules use a mix of highly engaging, visually rich audio-visual learning resources that consist of carefully designed animations to illustrate the fine technical aspects of net-zero-energy building design principles.