Vijita Varghese

Senior Associate – Finance and Accounts | vvarghese at iihs dot ac dot in

Ongoing    MBA, Finance Christian Institute of Management, Bangalore University Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
2013    BCom (Distance education) Mumbai University Mumbai, Maharashtra, India




Countries: India
States: Karnataka
Cities: Bengaluru
Languages: Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada

Vijita Varghese has over 15 years of expertise in diverse facets of human resources and accounting functions. During her tenure at Indaco, she adeptly handled branch accounts and addressed notices received, ensuring seamless operations. At the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), she plays a crucial role in managing financial transactions, which includes the disbursement of payments to consultants, interns, and stipend recipients.


Her responsibilities extend beyond mere transactions; she is diligent in the remittance of statutory contributions and oversees all compliance-related tasks. Her meticulous approach is evident in the end-to-end management of bookkeeping and assisting with statutory audits. Additionally, Vijita contributes to the financial aspects of staff and projects by overseeing income and expenditures, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the financial integrity of the institute. Her contributions are not confined to financial administration alone; she has also provided valuable support in Campus-related activities, demonstrating her adaptability and dedication to the organisation’s overall wellbeing.