Tanvi Bhatikar

Manager - Research | tbhatikar at iihs dot ac dot in

2010    MA Communication Studies, Department of Media and Communication Studies, Savitiribai Phule Pune               University, Pune
2008    BA Mass Media (Journalism) Mumbai University, Mumbai


Countries: India
States: Karnataka, Maharashtra
Cities: Bengaluru, Pune
Languages: English , Hindi, Konkani, Marathi

Tanvi’s educational background is in Communication Studies. Her work in the development sector has largely focussed on research and communications. She has worked with Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy and Association for Democratic Reforms in areas of urban governance and electoral and political reforms. Tanvi was part of the ‘PAISA for Panchayats’ programme at Accountability Initiative, Centre for Policy Research where she was a part of a team that studied fiscal decentralisation at the Panchayat level in Kolar district in Karnataka. The focus of her research has been understanding the fund flow at the Panchayat level and the political processes and institutions associated with it.


Tanvi has also contributed to publications such as HT Cafe, Hindustan Times Mumbai and most recently, to India Together where she has written on topics related to politics and development. She has also been an editorial consultant with Sampark, Bangalore where her work involved writing and editing research proposals and academic papers.

Books/ Book Chapters

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Other Writing

  • Arakali, A., & Bhatikar, T. (2022). Governing for the local environment within corridor projects in India (Policy Brief). PEAK Urban. https://www.peak-urban.org/publications/governing-local-environment-within-corridor-projects-india
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Bhatikar, T. (2021). Evolution of governance structures: A case study of Tumkur, Karnataka. In  S. Oosterlynck, E. Van Wymeersch, F.  Laoukili, M. Van Dam, & K. Boven (Eds.), RC21 Conference Sensing the City : Place, People, Power  (pp. 143-144). University of Antwerp, Belgium. https://medialibrary.uantwerpen.be/files/3713/d4a97a7e-6ba6-4221-b9b4-92c4de1983d5.pdf?_ga=2.2087863.749645352.1628689006-110507554.1628689006