Swathi R

16 August 2017 – 5 December 2017 | Profile shared during internship at IIHS


MTech, Geoinformatics (pursuing), Karnataka State Remote Sensing Application Center, Bengaluru (Pursuing)

BE, Civil Engineering, East West Institute of Technology, Bengaluru


Swathi’s is interested to work on GIS softwares (QGIS, ARCGIS, ERDAS). Her enthusiasm in infrastructural development and management encouraged her to study pattern recognition and understand the intricacies of urbanization. She also has a work experience in structural design and analysis and would strive to use GIS and RS tools for urban related issues to create integrated solutions.


At IIHS she is interning with the Geospatial lab, she will be working on urban atlas 2017-18, TNUSSP Project, geospatial analysis for urbanisation and data creation for Urban Informatics Lab (UIL).