Sugantha Priscilla L

Senior Consultant – Practice | spriscilla at iihs dot ac dot in


1998   MTech, Rural Technology, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli
1996   BA, Rural Management, Holy Cross college, Tiruchirappalli



Countries: India, Cambodia, South Africa, Afghanistan, Brazil and Sri Lanka
States: Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Orissa and Rajasthan
Cities: Delhi, Ranchi
Languages: English, Tamil

Priscilla, is a senior specialist in social development with over 20 years of extensive field research and global work experience in promoting economic empowerment of women and inclusive growth of societies.


She has specialised in entrepreneurship development, community-driven development systems, participatory methodologies, gender differentiated impact and skill development. Priscilla has been involved in implementing the women’s self-help group movement in 7 states of India. She has supported implementation of SHG poverty reduction programmes in Afghanistan, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil and Cambodia. Having working with government project and INGOs she holds the unique advantage and skills set to navigate public private partnerships.


Priscilla has work experience in skills & placement, enterprise development and livelihoods promotion. She comes with proven skills to Identifying/ reviewing business initiatives, paving out activities and timelines, mentoring, implementation and effective use of financial and monitoring tools. As head of Micro-enterprise facilitation unit in Hand in Hand India, she has initiated a large number of under privileged women into various enterprises. Priscilla has coordinated vocational skill training activities in more than 28 trades and has established 3 enterprise HUBs and an Enterprise Incubation centres.


She has also worked as state specialist for a Government of Tamil Nadu project supported by World Bank when she undertook a study on potential enterprises in Tamil Nadu and had facilitated promotion of Economic Activities groups (EAG) and enterprise federation. Priscilla has also coordinated a project for establishing B2B online business among SHG women entrepreneurs.


She has served as consultant to Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd, Water Partners and CHEERS. She has been a part of technical assistance team in the projects funded by IADB (Inter-American Development Bank) in Brazil and ADB (Asian Development Bank) in Madhya Pradesh, SIDBI’s Poorest States Inclusive Growth (PSIG) project, and Pondicherry government’s Tank Rehabilitation Project supported by European Union.


She has managed a wide range of development projects at various capacities- from implementation at field to senior management level. Priscila has been appreciated for her skills in preparing client friendly learning materials and training modules.


Priscilla holds a Masters in Rural Technology and is currently proceeding with her doctorate in Women’s Empowerment.

Other Writing

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