Sudheer Naidu Dwarapureddi

14 May 2019 - 19 July 2019 | Profile shared during internship at IIHS


2016   Pursuing – BTech, Physics, IIT Madras, Tamil Nadu


Sudheer is an intern with the Urban Informatics Lab at IIHS and supports the work on Industrial Mapping of Bangalore. He is pursuing his Bachelor’s in Engineering Physics, but his interest lies in Data Science and Deep Learning.


Sudheer previously worked as an intern at Bigcat wireless on Digital Pre-Distorter., While in college, he was a coordinator for the Shaastra design team and E-cell VFX team and has worked with the Adobe design suite. He mentored students of class 12 at JNV Pondicherry during their JEE preparation and also managed the Mentor Team for a year.


He is interested in mathematics andwas among Tamil Nadu’s top 20 in the International Mathematical Olympiad.


He enjoys tricky puzzles and puns, memes, sketching and writing. He plays tennis and table tennis.