Subhay Baberwal

External Consultant | sbaberwal at iihs dot ac dot in

2018    BArch SJB School of Architecture and Planning Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Countries: India, Germany, UK, Egypt, Italy, Greece
States: Karnataka, Rajasthan, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa
Cities: Bangalore, Jaipur, Tawang, Munich, London, Luxor, Alexandria, Florence, Athens
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Marwadi, German

Subhay Baberwal is a practising architect who has worked on several architectural and interior projects with firms like taller-S Design and Abhikalp Sanskriti Kaaryashaala. His experience also includes handling internship administration, external communication and website content for the firm. He is a visiting faculty for architectural journalism and writing, basic design and art appreciation courses at the SJB School of Architecture and Planning, Bengaluru. He guides students for careers in art and design journalism and is the editor-in-chief of a student magazine on architecture ‘Naught GT’. He is an active design journalist and has published articles in Rethinking the Future (RTF). Previously, he has been a ghostwriter for artists, digital bloggers, fashion lines and mobile applications. He writes poetry and won a National Award for Architectural Poetry in 2020 from A3F (Art, Architecture and Aesthetics Foundation), Chandigarh.


Subhay is a certified Wildlife Volunteer with the Karnataka Eco-tourism Development Board and has worked actively on tiger and bird censuses, forest clean-ups and the Jatre crowd and traffic management in the forest area since 2014. In 2015, he attended the Low-Carbon Architecture Summer Programme at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, Cardiff City, Wales, United Kingdom. His team won an award for their design proposal—a house for the future of the people of Wales. Between 2011–12, Subhay was part of an Indo–German Student Exchange Programme between Christ Junior College, Bengaluru, and St. Anna Gymnasium, German. The Goethe-Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan initiated the year-long project study to collate and analyse data with experts on the carbon footprint emission of the citizens in Bengaluru, India, and Munich, Germany. The study shed light on individual contributions to climate change and won funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation.


At IIHS, he is an external consultant at the Academic Office. His engagement broadly involves curating the multi-sectoral internship placement process and career support system in the IIHS Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), setting up long-term IIHS Alumni engagement and coordinating with the Communications & Design team on the academic outreach, collaterals and strategies. He is also part of the Faculty team teaching the ‘Contestation and Negotiations in Public Spacemaking / Placemaking’ elective in the UFP. Subhay was the curator of the 30th IIHS Library Exhibition, (Un)restricted: Confronting expression of cultures and connections in public spaces between January–March 2023 and co-authored and curated the design layout for the book, Towards a New Urban Practice: The Urban Fellows Programme 2016–22.


  • Architecture, SJB School of Architecture and Planning,Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Contestations and Negotiations of Public Spacemaking / Placemaking, Architecture, Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), IIHS

Journal Article

  • Arekal, S. & Baberwal, S. (2023). The Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest public congregation: A paradigm for the sustainable use of land. KALPA, 4, 3-4.


Books/ Book Chapters

  • Surie, A., Goswami, A., Arakali, A., Revi, A., Ravindranath, D., Bhan, G., Anand, G., Balakrishnan, K., Kapoor, N., Sami, N., Vasanth, P., Anand, S., Smitha, M. B., Viswanath, S., Baberwal, S., Mitra, S., Batikar, T., & John, V. (2023). Towards a new urban practice: The urban fellows programme 2016-2022. Indian Institute for Human Settlements.


Other Writing