Sooraj M Raveendran

Senior Consultant - Urban Informatics Lab | soorajmr at iihs dot ac dot in


2003     Diploma, Embedded System Design, CDAC, Bengaluru

2002     BTech, Computer Science, Kannur University, Kerala




Countries: India, Finland
States: Karnataka, Kerala
Cities: Bengaluru, Helsinki
Languages: English, Malayalam, Hindi

Sooraj is a part of the Urban Informatics Lab, providing support to multiple research and practice projects to view questions on urbanisation in India from a quantitative perspective. This involves acquiring and managing the relevant data sets, developing a deep understanding of the information they contain and do not contain; developing innovative ways of analysing them; and effectively communicating the insights to different audiences.


Prior to IIHS, Sooraj was leading a data science team working on business analytics and marketing problems at Sling Media. He has a broad experience in applying data visualisation, statistical modelling and machine learning approaches to create reports of analyses and automated systems to solve complex business problems. His work has exposed him to different types of tools and techniques. Certain data-scarce problems involved running traditional statistical analyses on a desktop computer, while others required distributed data processing systems, such as Apache Spark, to handle large volumes of data. In an earlier phase of his career, Sooraj developed software for various consumer electronics platforms.


Sooraj is interested in probabilistic modelling of systems and incorporating the spatial and temporal dynamics into such models. He is also interested in finding answers toquestions on causality and causal inference from observational data.

Journal Articles

  • Harish, S., & Raveendran, S. (2023). In situ redevelopment of slums in Indian cities: Closing a rent gap?. Housing Studies.
  • Huxley, R., Walsh, B., Oke, C., Bellinson, R., Bulkeley, H., Ceneviva, L. L. V., Correa, L. B., Cox, S., Giles-Corti, B., Galik, G., Gouldson, A., Karuri-Sebina, G., Mazzucato, M., Miller, D., Revi, A., Rode, P., Rosenzweig, C., Singh, C., Sitcov, I., … Zarrilli, D. (2022). A research agenda for transformative urban climate action. Journal of City Climate Policy and Economy, 1(1), 13–31.


Other Writing

  • De, A., Thounaojam, A., Vaidya, P., Sinha, D., Raveendran, S., Gopikrishna, & Dalavai, U. (2022). Implementing at-scale adaptive thermal comfort controls for mixed mode building using machine learning. In FARU 2022: 15th International Research Conference. University of Moratuva.