Shankar Rathod

Senior Associate – Campus Development | shankarr at iihs dot ac dot in

2011    Diploma in Civil Engineering Bijapur Lingayat District Educational Association’s Polytechnic Bijapur,

             Karnataka, India




Countries: India
States: Karnataka
Cities: Bengaluru, Bijapur, Chadchan
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Banjara, Marathi

Shankar Rathod, a seasoned civil engineer, boasts an extensive 11-year background in the field. He has amassed six years of rich expertise collaborating closely with Project Management Consultants, developers and architects. His professional journey encompasses pivotal roles within the realms of site execution, monitoring, procurement planning, contract management, design coordination and planning. Shankar is notably recognised for his adeptness in conducting internal audits for construction projects, ensuring optimal efficiency and compliance.


Having contributed his skills and expertise across diverse locations like Bengaluru, Bijapur and Chadchan (on the Maharashtra and Bijapur border), Shankar has lent his proficiency to renowned entities such as Skylark Mansion, Army Welfare Housing Organisation, and K Bhupal Engineers and Contractors. His contributions have significantly impacted various projects, showcasing his adaptability and prowess in varied settings.


Presently engaged at IIHS, Shankar plays an integral role within the Campus development team. His involvement encompasses pivotal areas including site execution, quality monitoring and site planning. His dedication and proficiency continue to elevate the success and excellence of ongoing projects, underscoring his commitment to the field of civil engineering.