Sasikumar Eswaramurthy

Senior Consultant – Practice | seswaramurthy at iihs dot ac dot in

2006    BE, Civil Engineering SRM Engineering College, Anna University Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



Countries: India
States: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka
Cities: Bengaluru, Krishnagiri
Languages: English, Kannada, Tamil

Sasikumar Eswaramurthy has a BE in Civil Engineering from SRM Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai. He has more than 16 years of work experience in the water-sanitation sector. Prior to IIHS, he was working with the BWSSB (Bangalore West Division) in projects dealing with the improvement of water distribution systems, reduction in UFW and leakage control to measure Base UFW level, assessment of leakage in transmission and distribution system, and Rectifications Finally Reduce Unaccounted for water (UFW) level. He was responsible for all the civil work related to water retaining structures and water distribution pipelines in various location across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka (transmission main, feeder main, internal transmission main and internal network).


Sasikumar has been working by IIHS as a Specialist in the engineering, planning, and implementation support component of TNUSSP. His role has involved reviewing detailed project reports for the faecal sludge treatment plant (FSTP) in Tamil Nadu; 46 locations totaling 110 cities with 51 municipalities and 59 town panchayats as their governing bodies were finalised. In the same way, 10 FSTPs had been set in town panchayats’ assigned RRPs. He also assists with Quality Assurance for newly established FSTPs in Tamil Nadu, as well as Co-Treatment and STP cum FSTPs. Additional areas of interest are the investigation of pollution in storm water drains and the evaluation of sewage and faecal sludge treatment. Additionally, safe methods of construction ensure that safety standards are maintained at the site during the entire construction process, from obtaining raw materials to conducting FSTP test trails; time and affordability to ensure that the project is finished on schedule and within the budget allotted; and seamless operations and maintenance.


  • Urban Sanitation, Engineering, Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), IIHS



  • Capacity Building Programmes on Urban Development (DoPT),Urban Practitioners’ Programme (UPP), IIHS

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